I am Johanita Potgieter. My passion is all things beautiful when it comes to planning and preparing for the perfect celebration of any occasion. The story of iets niets journey begins..

Iets Niets started with me finding every reason to celebrate any occasion. I loved planning every detail from the theme, music, food, cocktails, decor to flowers and the list go's on. I think I almost loved preparing more than actually celebrating the occasion when everything was set up and ready to go.

This became even more prevalent when I found myself planning my wedding. Sourcing and planning for my wedding was the best time of my life. There was also a lot of stress during this time do not get me wrong but that is when I also saw a bit of a gap in the wedding and event market.

Before I decided to start Iets Niets I was like most other ladies and gentlemen working a stressful job and couldn't find the time to plan everything as much as I wanted to. I googled so much but most of the time I could only find suppliers or coordinators that would want to set up a consultation.


I don't have a problem with consultations but I didn't at that point have the time to take off work to have a meeting that may conclude to the service being out of my budget range. I also, at this point didn't exactly know what my budget should be for the various aspects of my wedding.

Beyond that I also realised that when I was still working in an analytical capacity I had a keen eye for user journeys. I wanted to create a website that would help anyone who is planning an event or wedding to find almost everything they need in one place.

I hope you have fun exploring this website and any feedback regarding anything you find on here will be much appreciated.

The Story

On this website you will find:

  • Services provided by Iets Niets with price ranges

  • A full list of preferred suppliers with descriptions and price ranges where we have been able to collect that information

  • For hire product range

  • For sale product range

  • Ideas for budgets, weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette's, baby showers, children's parties and DIY projects (with tutorials)